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Construction Process for a Commercial Project

A commercial project is either an office block, residential units that generate income. The construction process for a commercial block is as follow:

1. Land Ownership Documents

One should have a varied ownership document; title deed, certificate allotment letter e.t.c it’s also advised for one to have a varied search and all the rate are paid up-to-date.

2. Change of user

The County Government is now vested with the authority to ensure that land owned by county residents is used for the purposes it has been intended for by the Director of Physical Planning established under the Physical Planning Act. This means that if you intend to buy agricultural land and convert it into commercial use, you will be forced to seek approval for this kind of change of user of the land.

3. Pre-construction documents

  • Architectural drawings-these is provided by an architect
  • Structural drawings-these is provided by a structural engineer
  • Service drawings -these are electrical and mechanical drawings
  • Bill of quantities- these document is the cost of the project is provided by the quantity surveyor.

4. County government approvals

The architectural and structural drawings are submitted to the county government for approval. Once approved the client pays the invoices provided and the drawings are verified using stamps.

5. NEMA Approval

Approvals for projects and building in Kenya need to be undertaken by the National Environmental Management Authority in accordance with the Environmental Management and Coordination Act. This statute was passed into law and led to the creation of NEMA, which is charged with the responsibility enforce environmental management. This also includes ensuring that developments in the course of building in Kenya are not harmful to the environment and ensure that developers mitigate on harmful untoward effects to the environment due to construction of their buildings.

NEMA requires an environmental impact assessment preliminary report to be undertaken on a project prior to its construction. Only consultants registered by NEMA are allowed to provide environmental impact assessment submissions, whether as an EIA project report or a full EIA study. The lead environmental expert must be registered with NEMA. 

NEMA provides a compliance certificate for the project if satisfied with the document furnished.


NCA is a government organization which regulates, streamlines and builds capacity in the construction industry. The contactor you have chosen for the job should be registered with these body. The contractor will submit

  • The architectural drawings
  • Structural drawings
  • Bill of quantities summary
  • Nema compliance certificate
  • Contract agreement between the two parties (client and contractor).

NCA provides a compliance certificate for the project if satisfied with the document furnished

After getting all these set of documents is when you can proceed to site to actualize your project. At Fingerprint capital we understand all these processes and we can assist you from stage 2 of this list up to the last stage.

Contact us today and let’s handle all these hassles for you.

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